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Danfoss have recently increased their range of High pressure APP


The range is based on the axial piston principle enabling water lubrication and high efficiency.  The pumps now range from 0.15 to 31 m3/h (0.7 to 136 gpm). The pumps are used in RO systems producing up to 7,500 m3/day.


The pumps feature:

  • A corrosion resistant light and compact design, materials are duplex, super duplex stainless steel and polymers
  • Low pulsation and airborne noise
  • Lubrication of the parts by the fluid being pumped
  • Long service life and high efficiency for operation with brackish and seawater
  • 8000 hours operation guaranteed between service intervals


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The next generation Dow FilmTec LC-4040 membranes deliver best in class performance for a wide range of applications.


lc hr-4040LC HR-4040

With an industry leading rejection rate of 99.7% this element provides more than 40% reduction in salt passage and 20% increase in flow rate over the existing BW30-4040 High rejection element. It is ideally suited to high quality/volume applications.



lc-4040LC LE-4040

High quality water at low pressure operations makes this element ideal for low energy applications, with a rejection rate of 99.2% it provides a 25% improvement in flow and more than 27% reduction in salt passage over the existing LE-4040 and LP-4040 elements.




     Higher Rejection Membrane Sheet    

Higher Flow Membrane Sheet

Increased Active Area


Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Capital Costs

     Reduced Maintenance Costs    


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2011-10 newsletter dow_tarragona_spainDesal Supplies owners Stephen Grindrod and Daniel Shackleton visited Tarragona in Spain where the new Dow Water & Process Solutions research facility has recently been opened with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation of   technologies to produce clean water.

The Development Centre was funded through a US $15 million Dow investment, along with grant subsidies from Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation for research programs in the area.





Initial research efforts will be directed to areas such as:2011-10 newsletter 8927dow


     1.     Improving the quality of desalinated water

     2.     Minimizing costs and reducing energy consumption per cubic


     3.     Extending the useful life of membranes, which is a long term cost

             for desalination plants

     4.     Increasing efficiency of materials


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2011-10 newsletter genesysEarlier this year Paul Senior (Sales Manager) and Nicola Ramsden (Sales Co-Ordinator) attended the 5th Genesys Distributor Conference near Manchester with the chance to meet attendees from 20 countries.

The conference focussed on technical selling, with a range of presentations covering the growth of the company to the new cleaner Genesol 703, as well as the advances in membrane autopsy and sampling techniques.

It was a great opportunity to meet other distributors, and the gala dinner at which point awards were given for the biggest growing distributors and those that had sold the most of specialist products was a fun night for all.

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gf-transparentDesal Supplies have recently become an official distributor for the George Fischer Signet range of process measurement and instrumentation, we are now able to offer sensors and instruments to measure system parameters including flow, pH, ORP, turbidity, conductivity, resistivity, temperature, pressure and level.

The distributorship enables us to provide technical support and offer solutions to meet our customers requirements, including providing data sheets and application information where necessary.

For further information relating to the products, please visit our products page using the following link:

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Desal plans for expansion and growth with the appointment of Paul Senior as Sales Manager.

Paul Senior has recently joined our team with the aim of broadening the range of products and services within the existing portfolio and raising the companies profile within the water and process industries. Paul has a wealth of experience having been involved with water treatment equipment for industrial, marine and commercial applications for the last 30 years.

Daniel Shackleton says "Paul is a welcome addition to the team and will enhance Desal Supplies relationships with customers".

Paul will be carrying out visits to our existing customers as well as new potential customers, therefore if you wish to arrange an appointment for Paul to visit your company please feel free to send him an email