FilmTec™ RO Membrane Elements – 2.5″

FilmTec™ Membranes are premium sea water reverse osmosis (RO) elements designed to produce high quality water and reduce capital and operation cost of seawater RO systems. These products combine premium membrane performance with automated precision fabrication to provide reliable and consistent performance.

In 2020, DuPont™ Water Solutions were the 1st supplier to offer dry tested SWRO elements, please find the benefits of dry elements below.

Source: Courtesy of DuPont™ Water Solutions



So, what are the benefits of dry tested?

  • Dry elements do not have expiration date, making easier warehouse maintenance and inventory planning.
  • Dry elements do not need re-preservation while wet elements preservation solution needs to be checked after 12 months of storage and eventually replaced. This operation is very labour intensive and can lead to high costs.
  • More attractive warranties. The allowable storage time before mandatory start of the warranty has been extended by 6 months.
  • Dry elements are lighter (4 kg / 8 pounds less) and do not have a preservation solution, which involves an easier and safer loading and installation.
  • Due to the lower weight and the lower energy and water consumed during testing, dry elements are more environmentally friendly compared to wet elements, more specifically dry elements represent a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to wet element.

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