Danfoss iSave ERD

Danfoss iSave is a patented, high-efficiency Energy Recovery Device (ERD) that guarantees constant membrane feed in SWRO applications of any size – on land, at sea or on the move.

With efficiency rates of up to 92%, Danfoss iSave captures wasted pressure from the membrane reject flow and transfers it directly to the membrane feed flow – without the use of separate high-pressure flow meters. Available in sizes from 21 m3/h to 70 m3/h, Danfoss iSave is the first isobaric ERD on the market to combine rotary isobaric pressure exchanger, high-pressure booster pump and electric motor in a fully integrated and easy-to-use 3-in-1 solution.


  • Simple Installation
  • Energy Savings of Up to 60% Compared to Non-ERD systems
  • Save Space
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Maintenance


Here is an animation of the Danfoss iSave energy recovery device.

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