DuPont™ Dairy NF Membranes

DuPont™ nanofiltration (NF) membrane elements are used by food and dairy processors for a variety of desalting, purification and other separations. All NF245 elements contain an improved nanofiltration membrane sheet designed to reject organics with a molecular weight above 300 amu while passing monovalent salts.

The FilmTec™ Hypershell™ NF245-8038-FF, NF245-390-FF, NF-8038-FF & NF-390-FF are constructed with a polypropylene outer shell and comply to FDA Indirect Food Contact.

They have been designed to:

  • Minimise channeling & Fluid By-Pass
  • Prevent premature element failures throughout product lifetime
  • Improve hydrodynamics of the element

Please find the technical data sheets below.

Source: Courtesy of DuPont Water Solutions


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