DuPont ™ Dairy RO Membranes

Dupont reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements contain sanitary, high-rejection FT30 reverse osmosis membrane that has been successfully used to process a wide range of food, beverage, and dairy streams. These elements are especially effective in dewatering and product concentration.

The FilmTec™ Hypershell™ RO-8038-FF, RO-8038/48-FF & RO-390-FF are constructed with a polypropylene outer shell, designed to:

  •  Minimise channelling & Fluid By-Pass
  • Help prevent premature element failures throughout product lifetime
  • Improve hydrodynamics of the element
  • Complies to FDA Indirect Food Contact

The FilmTec™ Hypershell™ RO-390-FF product is the industry’s premier membrane for permeate polishing. The FilmTec™ Hypershell™ RO-390-FF has more active area than competitive elements to maximize performance and reduce capital cost by requiring fewer elements for polishing applications.

Source: Courtesy of DuPont Water Solutions


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