Ancillary Products

We can also supply a range of additional membrane products which include membrane compatible flocculants for feed water optimisation, biocides for on line dosing and off line sanitisation as well as chlorine reduction and corrosion protection in permeate supply lines.




Feed Water Source Genesys Product Application
Biocide Genesol 30 Biofilm Control – On Line Dosing and CIP
Biocide Genesol 32 Biofilm Control, Off Line Sanitisation and Membrane Storage
Flocculant Genefloc GPF Membrane Compatible Flocculant
Flocculant Genefloc PWF Membrane Compatible Flocculant, Potable Grade
Flocculant, Algaecide & Biocide Genesys ABF Flocculant with Additional Biocide and Algaecide Activity for On line Use
Chlorine Reducer Genesys RED Removal of Residual Chlorine from Feed Water
Corrision Protection Genetech CP Corrosion Inhibitor for Permeate Distribution Systems

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