RO Cleaning Chemicals – Low pH

Genesys RO cleaning chemicals are formulated to reduce fouling and scaling removal from your membrane.

Before selecting cleaning chemicals, it is extremely importing to correctly identify the deposit or foulant. If you are unsure of the deposit/foulant, we can provide a membrane autopsy service and identify this for you.

For the most effective cleaning and therefore reduced cleaning frequency, conditions of pH, temperature and contact time are important. We’ve provided the information below for guidance; however if you require assistance we can design a cleaning protocol for you.



Product  Description Activity 
Genesol 37 (Low pH) Strong Nitric/Phosphoric Acid Mineral Scale
Genesol 38- (Low pH) Organic Acid, Non-Ionic Dispersant Iron and inorganic scale
Genesol 711- (Low pH) Iron Solvent Inorganic Foulants (Iron and Calcium Carbonate)
Genesol 721-(Low pH) Low Foaming, Osmotic Effect, Powder Acid Cleaner Acid Soluble Scales and Iron

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