Membrane Antiscalant – Brackish Water

Selecting the correct antiscalant is critical to providing optimum operating conditions for both sea and brackish water RO plants. With this it will help to ensure the plant runs as efficiently as possible. It can also reduce operational expenditure, through energy savings, reduced cleaning frequency and extending the life of the membrane.

We can also identify the type of scale which could affect your plant by using the Membrane Master Tool.



Feed Water Source  Genesys Product Application 
Brackish water Genesys LF High calcium sulphate
Brackish water Genesys SI High silica feed
Brackish water Genesys PHO High phosphate
Brackish water Genesys RC Systems incorporating concentrate recycle
Brackish water Genesys WB Mains feed water
Brackish water Genesys MP Broad spectrum, large municipal plant

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