Ultra Filtration (UF) Cleaning Chemicals

Before selecting cleaning chemicals, it is extremely importing to correctly identify the deposit or foulant. If you are unsure of the deposit/foulant, we can provide a membrane autopsy service and identify this for you.

For the most effective cleaning and therefore reduced cleaning frequency, conditions of pH, temperature and contact time are important. We’ve provided the information below for guidance; however if you require assistance we can design a cleaning protocol for you.



Product Description Activity 
Genesol UF Fe Oxalic Acid Based Cleaner Iron and Manganese fouling
Genesol UF2 Acidic pH, Osmotic Cleaner Acid soluble scales and Iron
Genesol UF12 High pH, effervescent, Osmotic Cleaner Biofouling, Proteins, Alumino-Silicates, Organics
Genesol UF 7 Neutral pH Cleaner Organic and Inorganic Foulant Removal

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